A family coach is a life coach that centers on the relationship parents have with their children.  It enhances parent's ability to learn, make changes, and achieve the desired goals for their family.  
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Your coach will help you:

  • realize what you want to accomplish
  • set specific goals
  • make an effective action plan
  • stay focused
  • eliminate obstacles

Coaching is not teaching, although it is educational.

While teaching can fade, coaching reinforces learned concepts and skills until they become second nature. Your coach often provides skills training in the “need-to-know” moment that formal teaching missed. She will also help you to re-discover how much you already know about parenting. You learn more by discovering answers than by hearing them.  

Coaching is not therapy, but it is therapeutic.

The focus of coaching is on taking a hard look at what a fulfilling family really looks like, and then identifying specific plans, actions steps, and ways of thinking that will move you toward achieving your desired goals.  Coaching is focused both on what kind of parent you want to be and then on taking action; it is not focused specifically on healing a family.  And yet, an outcome of coaching can be that healing takes place. It looks at the future, not the past.  What matters is how you want your family to be.  Coaching unlocks a parent’s potential to maximize their relationships with their partner and their children. 

The structure of coaching is flexible. 

You and your coach design a coaching arrangement that meets your individual needs and schedule. The basic design consists of two initial session to create a coaching strategy and regular on-going coaching sessions (in person or by phone).  Coaching sessions are usually weekly, lasting 50 minutes.  Sessions may be focused on one specific challenge you are facing, or on a much broader set of family or personal issues. Coaching relationships generally last from three months to several years. The nature of your goals and the changes you wish to make will determine the length of time that makes sense for you.
How can Family Coaching help me?

What is Family Coaching?
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